March 30, 2010

jamie oliver's food revolution

Are you watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? Because you should. Everyone should—no matter where they land in the range of food preferences.

This show brings the food messages we've been hearing to a small American town. The reality and reactions will amaze you. I think the biggest take away lessons are to avoid processed foods and to eat as much fresh food as you can. It sure is easy to say that when I live in a location that not only offers a year-round abundance of amazing foods, but celebrates food and cooking as an art form or elite sport.

One of the focuses of the show so far is school lunch programs. Parents everywhere will be amazed to see some surprising truths.

Watch Jamie's show. I've seen the first 2 episodes so far and can't recommend it highly enough. Even my husband is hooked! You can see it online or on ABC Friday nights. Share the link. Spread the word!

1 comment:

MomMe said...

I totally agree...the show is great. I love how passionate and determined he is, it really shows how important it is to take this topic seriously. And I am a firm believer in the fact that you can choose fresh foods regardless of where you just have to change your way of thinking about meals. Not EVERY (or any, for that matter) meal has to involve meat - we are programmed to think that it's not a complete meal without the meat and we need to change that way of thinking!