February 9, 2010

not jello!

It's been awhile. What could bring me back from my blogging hiatus you ask? Was it more data about plastic in the oceans? New developments from Copenhagen? No. I'm back because of Jello.

Seriously, I spotted some natural "Jel Dessert" at the natural foods store and wondered where it had been all my life (or at least all my kids' lives). I've bought Jello a handful of times in the past while caring for a sick family member, who for whatever reason couldn't eat solid food. With all the effort I've made to improve our nutrition and cut artificial ingredients, it seemed strange to buy something like (bright blue!) Jello.

Natural Desserts line of dessert jels are gluten free, vegan, dairy free, Kosher dessert jells that are manufactured using an exclusive blend of vegetable gums. They aren't new to the market or anything, I just hadn't noticed them before.

It might not seem like a big deal, and honestly, I only need to buy it once every few years, but spotting this product at the store solved a huge conundrum for me. It reminded me about the reason that I started writing this blog in the first place (almost 3 years ago!) These days there are so many fantastic resources sharing ways to be green, go green, have green babies and homes, etc. Even I got tired of hearing about it all.

I hope Mom Go Green is a respite from the save-the-planet urgency. I hope that by sharing little bits about things that I find personally interesting, someone else will also find them interesting and helpful. I hope you are as exited about this not-jello as I am!


Lisa B said...

I'm excited, now some natural chewing gum would be good.

mom go green said...

lisa, i just saw a new kind at the store but haven't tried it yet. i'll check it out and let you know.

Debbie said...

I am so excited! Your niece loves Jello and I always feel so guilty for making it.

Did you see it at WF?

Glad to see you back, MGG!

glenda said...

glad to see you're back to posting!

"Katy" Bernadette Cooper said...

For my family, green is about quality of life. So even the ordinary things like flavored gelatin (which I like but don't eat often) are exciting to me. Keep up the good work!

cari c said...

Great to have you back. The thing I love about Mom Go Green is that it is exactly what you described - non-judgmental nuggets of advice and tidbits about how to raise our kids in fun, healthier ways and you make it easy to implement. I now use deoderant, sunscreen, bug spray, and water bottles you've tested or recommended and that is just off the top of my head. Yay that you're back!