November 27, 2009

beautifully inspiring : maira kalman

My posts have been less frequent. There are many reasons for that, one of which is information overload. There are green messages everywhere! And even I start to get annoyed by them sometimes.

But this is inspiring. And beautiful. So please click the link and enjoy, because it is about a topic I feel passionately about and it is well done, too. Sometimes I wish my blog could be less typing and more showing, like Maira Kalman's.


suzanne said...

thru your blog you have shown and inspired so many on such important topics. so i thank you.

Debbie said...

I thank you, too!

If it wasn't for your blog, I surely wouldn't know half of the things that I do now -- there is so much out there and it's nice to have one place to read about it where I can trust the information.

You write it, I will read it! I loved the Maira Kalman piece, too. And those school gardens are awesome.