August 17, 2009

PACT undies

This is one of those stories layered with eco-goodness.

PACT underwear
was launched today. It is an eco-friendly, responsible product which supports good causes. From the materials, processes and distribution to make the undies, to the labor practices of all involved companies along the way, and ultimately to the 10% donation to charitable causes, PACT is making powerful underwear.

Reading the whole story on their website gives plenty of detail to the story. Here is some info from the PACT website:

"PACT's motto is CHANGE STARTS WITH YOUR UNDERWEAR. The purchase of PACT underwear is participation in a social movement: when you buy PACT underwear, you are supporting and encouraging organic cotton farmers, responsible labor practices, and businesses that form partnerships with nonprofit organizations dedicated to positive change in our world".

The 3 amazing social causes supported by PACT are ForestEthics, 826 National, and Oceana. Each organization has their own specially designed pattern of undies, and each pattern comes in a variety of styles. Seriously, undies have never been so meaningful.

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