August 18, 2009

one block off the grid

I just learned about an organization that is making solar power even more accessible to home owners. I've wanted to get solar for awhile, but since we're on a economy budget at the moment, it hasn't been feasible. Such a shame, because right when there are great incentives and rebates, we can't afford the system!

But One Block Off the Grid has a few options to help with that. They group people in a neighborhood together for a group purchase, bringing bulk discounts. They also have payment plans!

Here's some info from their website:

"1BOG (One Block Off the Grid) organizes big groups of people together who want to get solar energy, and gets them a discount.
Homeowners looking to buy solar panels face a few problems:
  • It’s expensive
  • It’s complicated
  • They don’t know which installer they should trust.
1BOG organizes people in a community to go through the process together. This approach has several benefits:
  • An organized community can buy solar in bulk, so 1BOG negotiates with installers to get impressive discounts for each homeowner in the collective.
  • We make the process much more simple and painless, as well as use our deep solar energy expertise to educate consumers throughout the process.
  • We offer safety in numbers, and unlike the installers themselves, our interests are always aligned with yours."

I'm going to call for more information. I know others in my neighborhood are looking at them too, so I might as well see what the estimate is. Maybe they can make my dream come true!


Anonymous said...

Solar might be cheaper than you think. Be sure to check out the federal and state incentives for solar power (federal is a 30% tax credit for the price of the system). By refinancing our mortgage to pay off our home equity loan and include the cost of a PV system we will add 5 about years to our present mortgage duration but at a montly payment less than we're paying now - and that doesn't include the $10,000 - $17,200 (depends if the state incentives are put back in the budget) we'll get back at tax time.

sometimes things just work out right.

Lisa said...

I think my neighbors already think I'm nuts and they don't know half of what I'm doing. :)

I would be happy if my neighbor could just quit littering.

But this is a cool idea!