August 3, 2009

green camp

Around here it is common to send your kids to a few summer camps. They are typically week-long sessions of day camp programs with varying themes.

I was really pleased to see bits of green inspiration in their experiences.

One camp which my kids attended was a science and art program. I knew the kids were going to learn about building a water system, but was kind of amazed at the enthusiasm for (and retention of) the curriculum. My 7 year-old was telling me about how we need to catch rain water from our roof and even drew me a diagram of how we could!

He also made a fun water filter experiment with 3 increasing levels of filtration.

My 5 year-old made a model of a "green cabin"—with insulation and solar heating.

They also attended another camp which I knew would be more obviously eco-focused since it is a farm-based program. The kids help with all the farm jobs and at the end of the week they host a farmers market. What I didn't expect and was excited to see was that the camp shirts were from an organic cotton company and produced in the US.

It's nice to find inspiration in unexpected places.

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Lisa B said...

Those camps sound great, are they nationwide or just in CA?