July 8, 2009

my so-called kitchen

As much as I love good food, I am at my wits end with planning, sourcing and preparing meals. It is time consuming, even when I try to keep things simple. If my focus of the day goes towards the kids or a particular project, then meals that day really suffer. Maybe I need new recipes or inspiration. I'm not looking for complicated, mind you.

I found a blog called My So-Called Kitchen (via Soulemama) and I am loving it. The food and photography are both tantalizing. Just look at her post on wheatberries! I wish her meals could magically appear on my table each day. They are simple, fresh and healthy. She says she "strives to eat foods that are fresh, healthy, natural, whole, organic and local (or as local as we can get)". She's a mom feeding young kids as well. Inspiring, indeed.

Speaking of local food, my garden is growing! But at this rate I think we might starve (or shop somewhere, obviously). I have one tomato and one snap pea. Yes, just one of each. Not exactly a bumper crop.


Debbie said...

Your garden is farther along than ours! Crazy summer.

I have been following some food blogs where they cook thorough a whole cookbook (I like Barefoot Bloggers and Craving Ellie in my Belly); I don't do the actual weekly recipe as I can't keep up, but it gives me recipe ideas for sure. I also get the "What's For Dinner?" daily emails from Martha, and every now + then I make one. The Everyday Food ones are pretty easy.

I keep thinking it would be fun to do a dinner swap, but I have no idea who would do it with me! I know some people do it every week (so you cook one night for everyone and the rest of the week your meals are made by the other participants) and others do it so that you cook once/month. On Full Plate's blog, she talks about doing one.

I guess there's always ice cream and pancakes?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks just like our harvest, except we have 6 peas and one tomato. Keep up the good work - you will eventually have more!