July 5, 2009

green on the go

A snap from an exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences.

While on a few recent summer adventures, I cannot help but notice the ease of recycling (and even composting!) or the lack thereof.

I spent some time last week at the California Academy of Sciences. Not only is the the building very green and not only do they have a great environmental awareness exhibit up currently, but they also make tossing waste into the right container a simple no-brainer. They offered attractive bins for recycling, trash and compost at every waste station.

This was also the scene at our recent jaunt to the Marin County Fair (the "Greenest County Fair On Earth"). Among many impressive efforts, they offered the obvious 3 bin waste stations throughout the fairgrounds which had receptacles for trash, recycling and composting.

Contrast that to some airports (large and small) we flew through recently where I could hardly find a place to put a recyclable bottle!

I can understand that many communities may not be set up for bulk composting yet, but I really can't understand why recycling the basics is not more commonplace everywhere. Mind boggling.

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