June 11, 2009

save the parks!

Wherever you live, you've probably heard about the huge budget mess in California. I won't pretend I have any ideas on how to fix it. Of course there will be tough choices and painful cutbacks. But closing all our state parks just seems like a bad idea.

The state parks in California are so special: beaches along the Pacific, trails through the redwoods, mountains and more. Closing the parks will hardly make a dent in fixing the budget. It remains to be seen how the state would actually put a closure plan into effect, and how they would maintain them or reopen them someday.

I'm sad because my family loves camping at the state parks. We cannot imagine having this amazing experience and resource unavailable to us. We spend long weekends completely outdoors, playing and having fun. Plus, the trips are especially important now when fancy vacations are less of an option. They are the highlight of our year!

If you live in California, or can lend some support, please check out the California State Parks Foundation. They have links to ways you can help stop the closure of the parks. Next weekend, June 20th, will be Save Our State Parks Weekend. You can help in many ways, and it doesn't involve sending money.

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