June 10, 2009

san francisco trash alert

San Francisco Supervisors voted yesterday to make not sorting your trash properly against the law. Lots of towns have mandatory recycling programs, so that in itself isn't new.

What is unique is that since San Francisco has a curbside composting program in the mix. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, it will soon be a violation to throw "orange peels, coffee grounds and grease-stained pizza boxes in the trash."

I think it is a good thing. I like taking a progressive stance with these programs and have confidence that once people get used to it, that it won't be a big deal.

I've read some criticism that the city should be spending it's efforts elsewhere and that checking our trash is big-brotherish, etc. I don't agree.

I do think that one little glitch the city will have to be mindful of is that on the night residents put out their 3 cans (recycling, trash and compost) that many folks come scavenging for the refundable bottles. If someone on the street inadvertently mixes up the contents of your bins while they are taking the bottles, should you be fined for that? I should hope not.

There will be kinks to work out for sure, but I'm glad the city has taken a progressive stance with greening the city.

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