June 4, 2009

recycled aluminum foil

I have a confession. I've tried recycled aluminum foil and I don't like it.

I usually am happy to switch to greener solutions all around my home, but this particular product (the one on the right in the photo) was a little disappointing.

There are many environmental benefits to using recycled aluminum. It's possible that I just need to try another brand, but until recently, I didn't know there were other options.

A few months ago Reynolds Wrap introduced a 100% recycled aluminum foil. I love when mainstream brands offer an environmentally responsible option! I haven't tried it yet, but will keep my eyes out for it. Hopefully this product will be a keeper.


Mary Beth said...

I have a roll of the Reynold's 100% recycled right now and haven't noticed any issues at all. It's totally fine. Like you, I'm more than happy to switch to a greener option of things I'd be buying anyway.

Daily Mitzvah said...

Does it seem too thin/tear too easily? You might switch to heavy duty -- that's what I did with the Reynold's recycled.

mom go green said...

I'm glad and optimistic that you both like the Reynold's recycled product. I will give it a try and trust that my experience will be much improved. Thanks!