June 18, 2009

reader questions and more

I'm headed off for a family vacation next week and I don't think I'll be able to post from the road. I have big plans for the blog when I come back, though. There are many improvements I've wanted to make and I hope now that it is summer I'll have some time to do them.

One such idea is a feature called Reader Questions. So many people ask me excellent eco questions. I don't often know the answers but am eager to see what I can find out and share.

While I'm away, I'm hoping you readers can help me jump start an answer for one of our peers. A soon-to-be new mom wrote me asking about the safest and best options for infant formula. She is adopting a baby very soon and wanted to choose something good (obviously).

I've mentioned before how my first son ended up using formula (using BPA bottles, no less). I didn't really know to look into formula choices at that time. I tried a major brand and went with it. We had no problems, so I stuck with it.

But it is a good question. Knowing what we all know now, what are the best options for formula these days? Please add your advice in the comments below. I'll add my research and summarize when I get back. Thanks!

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