June 1, 2009

improved compost bin

Remember my compost mess?

I hadn't figured out a good solution because of all the potential cans and bins available, I knew I couldn't fit one under the sink and I also knew I didn't want a small one on the counter. So I continued in denial about our eyesore of a system.

Then the other day I had an epiphany—I decided to re-purpose the swanky trash bin we had bought for diaper disposal many years ago. It is the perfect size, has a metal insert with handle that we can carry to the large compost can, and has a step on lid to hid the unsightly contents. The can originally cost a small fortune, so you can be sure I'm glad it is assuming such a big job.

Voila! It is easy to use while cooking and holds over a day's worth of scraps. Sure it would be nice if it wasn't sitting in the middle of the floor, but hey, I'll take what I can get! I'm glad I was able to help this fancy can find a new purpose in life.

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Unknown said...

That is brilliant. I think we have a lot in common. xo