June 8, 2009

scrub sponge follow-up

I seem to be on a kick with follow ups to my previous posts. Here's another, this time about my favorite new scrub sponge, the Sandclean.

I'm so glad to have tried this very unique and effective scrubber! It works wonders, I tell you. It cleans all my pans effortlessly. My pans are stainless steel and about 20 years old. Now they are sparkling like they haven't in years.

I suppose that if you had spiffy new pans this scrubber might be too abrasive. Mine are worn enough that there isn't a noticeable scratching problem.

The best part of this scrubber, as you may remember, is that it is biodegradable. Not that it will be done scrubbing anytime soon—they estimate at least 6 months per scrubber.

And just for reference, I am using the fine grit and it removes everything easily. Hooray!

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