June 18, 2009


At the end of last summer, I wished I had tried to can more produce, to try and preserve some of the amazingly yummy things from the farmer's market. Thing is, canning scares me. I've made jam but that is about it. Now each week when I see the quarts and quarts of sweet blueberries I think, "I should buy extra to preserve them" but I panic and procrastinate.

Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a slew of articles and photo slide shows on the New York Times website. I'm still going through all the material and loving every minute of it. (There's a slide show of "Canning, step by step" and a video called, "Checking the seal".

I also have signed up for a canning class in August at the Studio for Urban Projects with a very talented local chef.

Who knows? Maybe after reading all the information in the article I'll give canning a whirl before my class starts!

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Behan said...

Recruit a friend to do the canning with you- it's a great way to get over the procrastination hurdle, and makes it more fun too- plus you can catch up during the slower stretches of waiting for jam to boil. Maybe even a few friends. Hm- "Coctails and Cherry Compote." Yes. I can see it!