May 5, 2009

my garden

Things are growing in my garden! I am really excited, and also in disbelief. I am crossing my fingers that something edible will appear one day.

If you click on the picture above you will see a larger view of what I am growing. It is a small little plot. I also have another corner of the yard planted with zucchini and peas.

Gardening is all new to me, so I am really enjoying seeing it change. I'm a little late at thinning the lettuce out (it is very crowded!) Wish me luck as I tackle that tomorrow.


SaraB said...

Nice Job! We have tried and tried to grow a garden here in the high desert, with no luck. So this year we started following the New Square Foot garden and built some boxes and made our own soiless growing medium. We are already seeing amazing results which give me hope. we've had 99% of our seeds germinate so far, and everything looks lush and healthy. We can fit a LOT in a tiny little are this way. You should check it out!

Gift of Green said...

Adorable!! It just gets better!