May 20, 2009

maple syrup

Real maple syrup is not cheap. I like to buy grade B maple syrup and have been shopping for value. For awhile I've been buying it at either Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, since the packages and pricing seemed quite comparable.

Or are they?

I only just realized that they have some key differences. The Whole Foods syrup is organic and comes in a #2 recyclable bottle. The Trader Joe's syrup is not organic and comes in a #7 plastic bottle. I think you can guess which one I'll buy in the future!

I never understand why companies choose to package items in hard-to-recycle types of plastic when it is perfectly feasible to use a #1 or #2.

And yes, I know that syrup in glass from Vermont is fantabulous. It is just a little hard to find around here.


shanna said...

Our Trader Joe's also has organic maple syrup in glass bottles - Canadian and I think also from Vermont. Maybe it's a regional thing?

mom go green said...

shanna, sorry that i wasn't more clear. writing at night is not always ideal!

i'm sure both stores have the syrup in glass as well, but the per ounce cost is very high. since i am looking for real syrup on a budget, these two bottles seemed a good option. they run about $17.00 each.

mostly i was surprised at my oversight. the packages looked so similar i had never really given them much thought. humbling.

Delaney's Duds said...

nominated you for an award.
funny you mention maple syrup, just ran out of mine today. I get mine at our local COOP in bulk.

Lisa said...

The Whole Foods I go to has their brand in glass. I don't think the price was that much more. That's what I get.