May 19, 2009

garden poop

I've been faced with one of my first gardening challenges: cat poop. I live in a fairly urban area, where all the small backyards and houses are right next to each other. We have a fair number of neighborhood cats who visit our yard.

Last week I went to plant some new tomato starts and smelled a problem. Someone has been pooping in my little garden plot! I've fantasized about ways to combat the problem. I've gotten some advice from the gentleman at the garden store.

My first step was to clean out the "litter box section" and replace it with nice soil. I then planted the 2 tomato starts and placed metal cages around them (the kind tomatoes like to grow within). Finally, I sprinkled cayenne pepper around the surrounding soil.

I don't know if it will keep the cat out, or perhaps we'll end up with spicy vegetables!

If this doesn't work I'll need a Plan B. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

if the pepper doesn't work you could invest in these little mats of spikes (,31-954,default,cp.html) - specially designed for your problem :)


deanne said...

I know people have taken two liter soda bottles and fill halfway with water. You then put them in your garden horizontally. The reflection of the sun on the water frightens the cats away.

Lisa said...

I've heard used coffee grounds work. Starbucks will give them to you for free.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

I've read that laying chicken wire on the ground works. Apparently cats don't like to step on it.