April 1, 2009

thinking outside the bag

Kids Konserve is sponsoring an inspirational contest in honor of Earth Day. A major focus of this new reusable-lunch-kit company is to educate schools about waste-free lunches. They have written a little story on their blog about how young children may be the impetus for change in our habits.

Kids Konserve wants to hear your voice. If you were asked to create one thing that could help stop people from creating waste, what would it be? How/What do you do to help the planet? What do you reuse?What would you and your family have to do to stop creating so much waste? How will you celebrate Earth Day this year? To enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment on their blog. All comments will be entered to win and the drawing will take place on April 22, Earth Day.

I appreciate the big, random ideas that I've read from other comments already. Seems that outrageous ideas are the ones that bring big changes and inspire people.

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