April 12, 2009


Happy day! I am so excited about a new product which my friend Caren just told me about. It is a biodegradable scrubber that actually works (according to reviews—I haven't got my hands on one yet).

A few weeks ago I posted a poll about what people use to scrub their pots and pans. I had been having a hard time finding a environmentally friendly product that actually worked well. Seems I'm not alone, as most people in the poll also used synthetic scrubber sponges for the job.

Caren read in the paper about a new sponge called the Sandclean. It is made of cotton with fine sand applied with a natural glue. It is biodegradable and comes in 3 levels of coarseness.

A review in the New York Times says, "They do not rust or disintegrate and do a better job than plastic scrubbing pads on the residue on the bottoms of pans."

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the maker of the Sandclean claims, "it should last for at least six months of tough use, which could justify its cost: $8.95 for the fine and medium grains and $9.95 for the rough."

The Sandclean is biodegradable and can be used for scrubbing vegetables and in many other parts of the house. I cannot wait to try one! (Or two, I don't know which grit to use). You can buy them from Korin online.


Liz said...

There's a great book out that includes all kinds of green companies and products that I never knew even existed. (I'm not sure where the author finds this stuff!) It's "The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget." Great ideas, great products. He even has a listing of 50 best green products and why they're so great. This is a great resource.

Green Fundraising Ideas said...

Very interesting product. I'll have to check this out for our line of products. I love these practical things our customers can buy! Thanks for the tip!