April 13, 2009

pesticide peddlers

Have you seen this story swirling on the internet? Michelle Obama plants an organic garden at the White House and now big agriculture is on the defensive. A blog, La Vida Locavore, posted the original letter from the Mid America CropLife Association a few weeks ago.

Many speculate that since Mrs. Obama is a fan of organic produce and seems knowledgeable on the subject, she likely will see through many of their claims. It is interesting that MACA seems so threatened by the garden initiative! By the way, MACA represents agribusinesses like Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences and DuPont Crop Protection.

And in the best of internet fashion, you can sign a petition by Credo, "to tell the board members of MACA (virtually all of them big chemical executives) that we don't appreciate their telling Michelle Obama (or any of us) to use pesticides in our gardens. We support Michelle Obama's organic garden, and we'll thank them to keep their propaganda out of it."

By the way, I just planted my "first" organic garden (last year's was more of an experiment). Crossing my fingers for fresh veggies this summer! It will be so economical if it works.

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