April 30, 2009

no swine flu here!

Everyone's talking about it. And while I'm not going to panic, I am encouraging my kids to wash their hands frequently. I also picked up some more of my favorite sanitizing wipes form CleanWell.

I even wrote to the company to be sure that the CleanWell products would be effective at killing nasty germs. I was relieved to learn that they are!

"CleanWell All-Natural Hand Sanitizer is a safe and effective product proven in independent laboratory studies to perform as well as alcohol based products. So you can confidently use CleanWell just as you would an alcohol-based hand sanitizer."

CleanWell kills 99% of germs, including Staph (MRSA), Samonella and E.Coli. The thing with this flu virus is, the FDA won't let any products make anti-viral claims.

I feel better knowing that these wipes and sprays, made with natural, germ-killing essential oils like thyme and oregano will help us stay germ free.


shanna said...

I can't seem to find the larger CleanWell container ANYWHERE around here...

mom go green said...

hi shanna,
where is your here? i can help you track some down if you like. i've found emailing cleanwell directly usually gets a very fast response.\mgg

cari c said...

I like the CleanWell, only I wish it smelled a little better. My little guy complains about the smell when I use it on him. :(

Anonymous said...

Actually, at least one manufacturer of an alcohol-free, rinse free hand sanitizer has independent lab tests demonstrating efficacy against H1N1..and its half the price of "CleanWell.."

The product is called Soapopular..it uses the organic compound benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient...more info at www.handhygienefacts.blogspot.com