April 19, 2009

food, inc.

I am so super excited about this new film! Food, Inc. seems to sum up the state of our food system and give compelling support to eating organically and locally.

I watched the trailer (click here, I could not embed it) and was bursting with excitement. The film seems to validate many of the books on the same subject (see what I've been reading). The premise of the film is that over the past 50 years the food system in our country has changed dramatically—for the worse. It is a problem for the health of both people and the environment.

I'm a little concerned that informative documentaries like this tend to be viewed by believers. I fantasize about ways the film could be shown to even wider audiences (like, maybe on Oprah or prime time television!) If people see it and decide it is a bunch of nonsense, then so be it. I can respect different opinions. I just dream that the information can be shared with as many folks as possible, so everyone can decide for themselves how they want to eat.

I'm looking forward to seeing the full film in the theater this summer. Make sure to tell everyone you know!

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