April 7, 2009

a fancy find

Image from Bon Appétit. Photo by Levi Brown.

When I picked up a copy of Bon Appétit last month I wasn't expecting to find eco-fodder for my blog. Among the tantalizing recipes and gorgeous photos I found a page devoted to the "Super Eco Shopping Bag." It sounds and looks lovely, alright—hand knit in Wisconsin with double-woven six-ply hemp yarn.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the price tag of $75.

Are you kidding me? I'm a big fan of handmade and crafty projects. I even like to shop at Etsy (where this bag is sold). But is featuring this particular bag in it's solo grandeur on a full page going to help convert people to reusable bags? Or are people going to read it and scream like I did, "ARE YOU F*@!ing KIDDING ME?!"

By the way, reusablebags.com has organic cotton string bags made with fair labor/fair wage for $6.95 (less if you buy more than one).


Pamela said...

How much would I love to have enough money to spend that much on a string bag! I would probably spend it on something else, since my inexpensive bags (also from reusablebags.com) are perfect, but still, I'd love to have enough disposable income to be able to afford a bag with such a fancy price.

Gift of Green said...

You win the "The Best Use of Profanity on a Green Blog" blog award! :) :)