April 27, 2009


Carrying a reusable bag has become increasingly common. There are so many brands and styles of bags to chose from, each with its own merits. It is a little like choosing a baby stroller—your preference will be dictated by how you need to use it: light and compact or sturdy and full of features?

I've been using reusable bags for awhile now, but my system is still a work in progress. I started with a nice set of nylon bags that folded up small, but I found that having bags with shoulder handles is actually really important as I lug 4 or 5 heavy bags up 2 flights of stairs. The collection of bags I have right now is a bulky, unsightly mess in my kitchen. I have a few of the bags that you can buy at the checkout line as well as some handmade ones that have been sewn from fabric. All those are shoved in my market basket, along with my stash of reusable produce bags.

my messy system

Enter Baggu.

Baggu bags are thoughtfully simple. I love how they are designed to be produced with maximum efficiency (little wasted fabric and time). I grappled with the fact that they are made from a synthetic material, but ripstop nylon is a good choice for strength and compactness. Plus, Baggu will accept the bags back at the end of their product life to be recycled. The compactness is sure to be appealing to urban dwellers who need to keep one with them at all times.

See for yourself:


Debbie said...

Very cute, and in bright pink! Fabulous!

Are they any different from the black ones at Reusable Bags? I love those, too. Anything that can be tossed into the diaper bag is a winner with me.

mom go green said...

As far as I can tell, the big difference for me is the handle length. I've had the ACME bags from reusablebags.com for a long time, and love them, but really need bags to go over my shoulders. All depends on your shopping routine and what will work for you.

Debbie said...

Oooh, over the shoulder would be great, especially with kids in tow. May have to try them. And our Farmer's Market starts this week, so perfect timing!