March 16, 2009

smelling clean

When I first learned that fragrances contained neurotoxins a few years ago, I said goodbye to my signature scent.

But recently I went with a friend to a beautiful evening at the ballet, where people were dressed fabulously and the scents around us were lovely. I missed perfume. Surely there had to be some kind of safe compromise?

I did have some good leads on safer brands (noted in my previous post) but didn't have much success finding samples locally. Instead, I tried a brand that I could try at my local natural foods store. I found one that I like by Pacifica.

"Pacifica products are made using the finest, consumer-safe and sustainable raw materials, including natural ingredients and essential oils. Pacifica products are free of parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates and lead wicks. Products from every batch are randomly tested to ensure that the company’s high quality standards are met. Pacifica packaging is both recyclable and made with recycled content and the company reuses and reduces wherever possible, regularly reevaluating processes to maximize this effort. Pacifica is working towards carbon neutrality and is 100% committed to cruelty-free practices."

It's nice to have a fresh scent again!


Anonymous said...

i am in love with their lotion. in fact whole foods can't keep the scent i love in stock! their candles are pretty nice also.

Gift of Green said...

I must admit that I love scents too but chucked them all for the exact reason you mention. I was kind of hoping to have a "Mom smell" for my kiddies, so I'll have to check out the smelly goodness at WF.