March 19, 2009

cool crayon rocks

I have a very fond memory of the time the Easter bunny brought me a new set of gorgeous magic markers. This might be why I am always inclined to put some small art supplies into my kids' Easter baskets.

I try to keep the baskets simple and dye the eggs naturally. This year I think the Easter bunny might bring the very cool crayon rocks at Stubby Pencil Studio. They also have some creative, artsy basket ideas on their site. All of their products are earth-friendly options.


Anonymous said...

We get fresh eggs from my husband's colleague and the eggs are great pastel colors - - pale yellow, gray, and sage green. This year, I think we will skip the coloring altogether.

Gift of Green said...

I love Stubby Pencil. My daughter received the wooden kitchen stuff from, er, Santa, this year and she loves it. It is both durable and adorable!