February 25, 2009

value hunting

From what I hear, the President has many big green plans. I am very glad to hear this! I am relieved to hear that not only is the administration looking to clean energy, they are also addressing farm subsidies. I am hopeful this could be an opportunity to improve the food system.

Another exciting announcement today was the nomination of Kathleen Merrigan to be the USDA Deputy Secretary (#2 spot). Roots of Change describes her as an excellent choice because she is "a seasoned champion of organics, she is also clearly committed to social justice and economic viability. Dr. Merrigan embodies sustainability principles and has a track record of embedding these principals into government policy."

While these announcements are full of promise, I am still feeling a squeeze on my wallet. I want to be able to continue to eat organics as much as possible (and as much of it local as possible).

I have decided to do a pricing survey of the stores in my area. It is no secret that Whole Foods has a reputation for being expensive. I wonder if their prices are being compared to comparable products. We all know an organic apple costs more than a conventional.

I am going to do my own survey of a selection of items that I frequently buy and see what they cost at 4 local stores (including Whole Foods). I set up a chart and will visit all 4 stores on the same day to gather the price information. Whatever the outcome, I will know where I can stretch my dollar for the foods that I am committed to. Of course I'll share the results with you!

I also have aspirations to start a bigger garden this year and grow our own vegetables, but that is a whole other post.

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