February 24, 2009

natural mints

Sometimes I don't really think about how something is made until I see a natural version of a product. Then I stop and wonder what ingredients or processes are so different. I might do a little research or just try the natural version to see how it compares.

Such is the case with mints. I like carrying mints for after a coffee or for a dry throat in a meeting. I stumbled upon a cute tin of Vermints and was attracted to their cute brand. Their mints are all natural. Vermints is proud ot tell you their products has/is:

• No artificial flavoring or coloring
• No chalky aftertaste
• No high fructose corn syrup
• No artificial sweeteners
• Totally Nut-Free
• Absolutely no animal products (Vegans take note)
• Gluten-Free

They taste great as I consume them, but they don't leave a strong minty flavor in my mouth after wards (like other curiously strong mints might).

I've also tried the Newman's Own mints, which seem very similar to the Vermints. I like them both fine, but I wish there was a stronger, burst of mint. Maybe I need to try some of the other flavors they make—there are 6!


Anonymous said...

These are great! I have tried them out and they are awesome. Plus, really healthy.

Happy Willow said...

VeraMints are my favorite mints!!!! We fell in love with them about 6 months ago when we found them at this amazing little Eco Kids shop in Chicago. Green-genes.com

Sooooo Yummy!

shanna said...

And Kosher! I totally need to try these out.