February 19, 2009

atm greenness

Have you noticed little eco-changes at your ATM?

At first I was excited to see a small recycling bin for the receipts (I know I'm silly to find that exciting). An even better option is to say no to the receipts altogether.

Next, the ATM started offering the option to make deposits without extra deposit slips. And now, some machines allow you to make deposits without envelopes.

The best part is that at these ATMs check deposits are scanned, with an immediate photo record of the deposit. This is incredibly helpful when reviewing your statement (online or paper) and you cannot recall what certain deposits were. These check-scanning ATMs may not be exactly new, but they are a new to me as my other bank had nothing of the sort.

I would imagine eventually that most things will be done with bank transfers and wires, electronic payment systems. I imagine paper will be used less and less.

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C said...

I just wanted to say that I love your blog, there's so much goodness here! I love that BofA does this at their atm's, plus it avoids you having to fill out things and fumbling around.