January 29, 2009

white house farmer

Here's an idea that combines a few of my favorite things - local organic farming and the new administration! Many thanks to Nancy for sending me the link.

WhiteHouseFarmer.com is a website created by the Brockmans, a farm family in central Illinois. They decided to create the forum after reading Michael Pollan’s call for a White House Farmer. The website has accepted nominations of potential farmers and is now open to voting.

The farmer will be charged with transforming “five prime south-facing acres of the White House lawn and plant[ing] in their place an organic fruit and vegetable garden” whose produce will be used by the White House Chef, and given to area food banks.

The top 3 contenders will be forwarded to the Obama staff. Hopefully with enough interest and enthusiasm we can help make this great idea a reality!

Review the list of excellent nominees from all around the country and cast your vote. Voting will close at midnight on January 31st. (One vote per IP address, hint, hint).

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