January 26, 2009

sweet treat

Our friends visited from Seattle recently and they brought us a sweet treat from their hometown: Theo Chocolate.

Theo is the only "organic, fair-trade, bean to bar chocolate factory in the United States". And they are yummy! The flavor selections are unique and distinctive. Some flavors I fancied are Fig, Fennel & Almond Dark Chocolate and Chai Milk Chocolate. They are especially addictive for dark chocolate fanatics.

Theo buys the cacao beans directly from farmers and develops long term relationships with them. Then they produce the chocolate in an entirely ethical, sustainable fashion. Yum! You can buy it online or check their website to find them in a store near you.


Kayla said...

This looks wonderful and I can find it at my local food co-op. I can't wait to check it out.

I love your blog. I am always looking for green, sustainable products and ideas and you are full of them!

Lisa B said...

Yeah, whatever, where are the salted caramels :-)