January 25, 2009

safe pajamas

Over the holidays I saw a sweet little pair of pajamas for my son, but when I saw they were flame retardant I decided not to buy them. I was disappointed to have to pass on them, but if I make such an effort to keep chemicals out of their toiletries, food and bedding, why would I let them sleep in the clothing treated with such strong stuff? Yes, there are flame retardants in other areas of our life (like car seat covers and couches) but we spend so much time sleeping that pajama exposure seems like a good place to avoid the chemicals if possible.

In fact, I found a post by another green-mom blogger about this very topic. Jennifer at 5 Minutes for Going Green wrote such a comprehensive overview of pajama picking that it is worth reading it firsthand.

I was glad to learn that the pajamas I've loved buying my kids for years are a safe pick and, in my opinion, worth the cost. I have had great luck buying sleepwear (long johns) from Hanna Andersson. They aren't cheap, but they really do last for years and years. Many of our pairs have been through my 2 boys and are now being worn by little cousins and friends. Their sleepwear is not only comfortable, it is made from organic cotton and certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

An informative article on Essortment says, " The most important thing that parents can do is become informed about what they are purchasing. If you do choose to buy treated pajamas, contact the company to find out what they are using. In general, garments are referred to as flame resistant if the fabric meets the CPSC guidelines without needing treatment, while the term flame retardant is normally used if a chemical has been added. "

After reading about the kinds of fabrics available for kids pajamas in that article, I'm happy to stick with the Hannas. If anything all this research has helped me appreciate their value.

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Nicole Feliciano said...

You really have to read every label. A mom's work is never done!

Anyhow, here's something I reviewed that might interest you:


It's a green lunch box...very cool progressive company. Feel free to link up to my review or let me know if you want the PR contact.