January 6, 2009

print pattern paper

Shop Talk ©Rebecca Peragine

Going green doesn't have to be all about cleaning, eating and driving, does it? It is so refreshing to see an artist bringing an eco-sensibility to her work.

I love the prints and original art made by Rebecca at print pattern paper. They would be great for decorating a wee-one's room! She also makes great reusable bags and notecards from recycled paper. Here are some things that make her pieces extra-special:

- All of her original art pieces are made of recycled materials (wood, paper, paint).

- The cotton totes and lunch sacks are made from 100% organic or recycled cotton. The production of the bags are made locally by a company run by moms.

- She does all of her outside production and marketing with mom-owned companies, to support women who face similar challenges with juggling children/work/life.

Rebecca also works with an organization called PEACE, where she helps create product prototypes for the co-op members to produce and sell.

On January 16th she will be having an art show in Isla Mujeres where her originals and limited edition prints will be for sale at the show (they will also be available online). 50% of proceeds will be donated to the Isla Mujeres branch of PEACE. Watch her website for details!

Organic Garden ©Rebecca Peragine

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