January 11, 2009

kaia house

People often ask me for suggestions about skincare and body care products (like lotions and deodorants). I've found an online resource called Kaia House that specializes in natural, organic, eco-friendly, and vegan skincare and beauty products for man, woman, and baby.

While they carry many of the good brands I like, they don't have all of my favorites. Kaia House also has it's own line of toxin-free organic products for skin, hair, body, baby, and even pet (which I have not tried) I figured the website would be especially useful for people who don't live near a natural health foods-type shop that sells these products.

One thing I really liked on their website is a compilation of the "Most UN-Wanted List" which details dangerous product ingredients to avoid. Very handy. Plus, the folks at Kaia House are offering a 15% discount off purchases if you enter the code "blogger".

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