January 13, 2009

homemade cleaners

The topic of green cleaning comes up many times, year round for me. I'm always trying new products or homemade recipes in my quest for effective, simple and economical solutions.

I personally am a fan of making the cleaning solutions myself. After having tried them, I believe homemade solutions can clean really well—at least on the surfaces in my house. I even did side by side tests! My issue, however, is organization: keeping the bottles where I need them, labeling them, and staying well supplied is where I need to improve my system.

Prepare yourselves for amazement, because I have found the most amazing solution and resource. I must point you to a fellow eco-mom blogger who has done something so simple yet so well and shared the how-to for you and me.

I'm inspired to make a set for the upstairs and the downstairs. Thank you to Jonah Lisa for the most brilliant idea. I love that it combines my passion for environmental products and package design! I almost made sets as holiday gifts, but then I ran out of time, as usual.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great plug! Glad you liked them.