January 22, 2009

compost mess

I need to improve my compost system.

I have it pretty lucky, I must say, since our city collects compost curbside. I don't have to deal with worms or all the other lovely parts of the process. All I need to do is collect our food scraps and food-soiled paper and bring it down 2 flights of stairs to the garage, where we have a large, city-provided compost bin (64 gallon size). This is my problem.

I am great at collecting the stuff. We are prolific in our food scrap collection. I just haven't been so good about regular trips down to the garage. We have a small (3 gallon) green container which the city also provided to keep in the kitchen. I line that bin with bio bags. Sometimes when it gets full or is being cleaned, I use a paper bag instead. It becomes an unwieldy mess on the floor. The nice little, green bin won't fit under our sink because our water filter is so darn huge.

I've debated trying one of the countertop compost bins, but I think I would fill it awfully quickly and I also don't want more things on my counter.

My husband thinks we should try another small garbage bin to match the one we currently have. That would be much nicer aesthetically, but my compost bags would not really fit in it (it is a 5 gallon size). The green compost bags would be too small and paper grocery bags would be too big (not that I have many of those, anyway).

Any ideas? I need something efficient and discreet.

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