January 5, 2009

canned shortcuts

While I have been making a big effort to avoid BPA, I have occasionally given in to using canned goods. Sometimes I just have to take a shortcut and open a can of beans or even tomatoes (I know, I know).

I saw a list that is being compiled by the wonderful folks at Organic Grace (which is an excellent place for eco-bedding, by the way). They have been contacting companies directly and asking about BPA usage in cans.

Now, if I must use a can on occasion I'll be better informed to try to find one that is BPA-free.

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shanna said...

I've switched over to Eden brand (from Westbrae, which I liked much better in taste/consistency) for canned beans, and try to start from dried beans whenever possible. I have some canned pumpkin sitting around, but otherwise we don't use metal-canned food much; I try to stick with glass jars or paperboard boxes (like for soups).

...except for tomatoes. I pretty much can't live without canned tomatoes. And I know how much worse it is to have BPA lining with acidic foods, but my only other options when it's not tomato season in New England are (1) buying ridiculously overpriced, shipped-from-afar, sawdust-tasting fresh tomatoes; or (2) making pretty much nothing from scratch, since half of my regular meals involve chopped tomatoes.