December 3, 2008

rms beauty

I've always wanted to do a post about make up. From everything I've learned about sunscreens, I could only imagine what kind of dangerous chemicals might be in makeup. I've heard about some lipsticks with lead and some mascaras with mercury (yikes!) so I can only imagine all the toxins and metals that might be within a complete makeup routine.

One source I trust when it comes to cosmetics is Rose Marie Swift, of Beauty Truth. She is an industry veteran, having been a makeup artist for many top celebrities and publications. Rose Marie learned the hard way about the dangerous ingredients she was working with when her health was severely compromised. Her experience led her to become an expert on safe ingredients. She shares much of her knowledge on her website and now has just launched her very own line of makeup.

As you might imagine, her standards are incredibly high for purity and safety. Plus, as a makeup artist she knows what is needed for an effective product. Her line, called RMS Beauty, includes lip and skin balm, cover up, lip 2 cheek, eye shadow and luminizer. The products are ultra-pure and organic. The philosophy of the line is not to simply create makeup that is non-toxic, but to make a product that heals and nourishes the skin. The line has just been released a few weeks ago, so is in limited stores right now. You can purchase directly from her website or email for more information.

I personally would love to see the products in person. They sound very easy to use and convenient for a no-fuss mom like me.

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