December 18, 2008

listen to this

Maybe it is fortuitous that I never got to write a post last night. I was extra busy with many projects preparing for holidays and didn't get a chance to research the topic I had planned.

Yet this morning I saw something so timely and appropriate for the MGG readers.

Michael Pollan is on NPR's Morning Edition today speaking about the new appointment for Secretary of Agriculture. Let's just say it wasn't what agents of change were hoping for. The new secretary is former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack. Perception is that because of his ties to corn, we cannot expect much change or improvement in the food system, especially in regards to local, small family farms and organics.

Pollan had recently written a letter to President-Elect Obama, which was printed in the New York Times Magazine calling for change that would improve the food system in our country.

You can listen on the radio or the web to Pollan's comments (the recording is under 5 minutes).

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