December 4, 2008

handmade holidays

Many people are trying to be more mindful with their holiday shopping this year. I personally was glad our family decided to cut back on the adult present exchange. But you don't have to eliminate gift giving altogether. In fact, this season more than ever, people are turning to handmade gifts.

A post on the craftivisim blog summed it up well:

"With the economy in the tank, you might be finding yourself in a situation where you need to make your holiday gifts instead of buy. A situation that you may not have been in since the 3rd grade. . . ."

The post continues with amazing links to inspiring sites full of simple homemade craft and gift ideas.

If you aren't feeling so handy, or are as strapped for time as you are for cash, then you might want to take a peek over at etsy. There are so many amazing handmade items on that site by independent artisans who can make the crafts for you.

Just look at this

a book of how to make your own lunchbags!

and this

Now, get busy.

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