December 8, 2008


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Here's a website that might be a good resource or an intriguing career path for you.

EmagineGreen is a direct sales company with ‘greenCoaches’ who host ecoParties to help women and moms green their lives. (Think environmental Tupperware party.)

The company was started by a team of women who were concerned about the environment and wanted to make a difference.

"The purpose of emagineGreen is to turn curiosity about what is happening in our environment into positive action. We simplify the ‘going green’ process for millions of people who want a healthier home and environment. Together, we hope to bring about a change in how our culture interacts with our environment and precious natural resources by… • Reducing our ecoFootprint • Being green role models for our families and communities • Voting with our consumer dollar for a more sustainable way of life"

Take a look at their website to find a green coach in your area or to shop their catalog.

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