December 23, 2008

colors, naturally

I have been swept up in the holiday merriment and apologize for less-frequent posting. The irony is that I have loads of things I want to write about, but time is short. So, I'll make this one sweet.

I splurged last week on some natural food dyes for our annual Christmas cookie decorating extravaganza. I always knew that conventional food dyes are full of artificial colors but I never knew how to substitute them for something better. I had learned how to use natural dyes for Easter eggs, but wasn't sure how to translate that to sugar icing.

The India Tree dyes which I bought are similar to the conventional ones in that you can drop the colors into your recipe and mix custom colors. The kit comes with the primaries—red, blue and yellow. They are made from natural vegetable ingredients. The colors are a little more muted, but quite beautiful.

I personally thought the price was worth it because I have been reading about artificially dyes being linked with ADHD in children. I'm glad there is an easy, natural option.

Wishing you a peaceful and healthy holiday!

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Lisa said...

These are awesome! I use the sprinkles also.