December 14, 2008

candy canes

We decorated our tree this weekend. One of the things the kids were most excited about was putting the candy canes on. They've actually been eying the box of candy canes since I bought them last week.

I was so glad to stumble upon some "better" candy canes at the store. I didn't know they were an option and would have bought the usual kind if I had not seen these.

Pure Fun makes these organic candy canes and I found them at Whole Foods. They do not contain pesticides, GMO's, artificial colors, gluten, synthetic FD&C colors, or titanium dioxide. I was glad they did not have corn syrup in them.

The kids have already sampled them and approved with smiles.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I love those! They are on my tree as well. I find them to be much better than the crap filled ones. I had one the other day and it just wasn't nearly as good. You can order them from as well.