November 10, 2008

wrapped up

Two weeks ago I finished up a roll of plastic wrap in the kitchen. Over the past several months I had really been working on weaning myself from using it. So when the roll was empty I decided to see if I could get by without buying another.

There are a few times when I think I might miss it, but I am hopeful that I will find alternate methods of wrapping things up. The only times I really used it was to wrap cheese, to wrap a large portion of melon (like a huge hunk of watermelon), or to cover a pan of meat marinating in the fridge.

I want to stop using the plastic wrap mainly because it is made form petroleum and goes into landfill. Some brands of plastic wrap may contain PVC, which is so toxic. I had made sure the brand I had purchased was PVC free by calling the company.

Two weeks down. Let's see how long I can go! Hopefully, forever.


andi said...

i've found these to be a nice alternative :)

Doreen/ said...

I can definitely relate on this one. I have been trying to do the same. I've tried to switch to containers for everything that would typically need plastic wrap but sheesh...does that require a lot of space!

Doreen/ said... the way, great blog name! :)