November 23, 2008

pile of pants

I have a huge pile of pants with ripped knees, courtesy of 2 busy young fellas. Originally I thought I would save the damaged pants and use the fabric for some other purpose.

I don't think the pants are able to withstand much patching (not to mention sewing isn't really my forte). Knees being knees, I am not sure how long such a patch would last anyway.

From what I can tell online, most charities do not want damaged clothes. Even the large charities which give unusable clothes to textile recyclers don't want the damaged ones as much as they'd prefer items good enough to sell.

Is freecycle my only option? The pile is multiplying faster than I can dream of ways to repurpose the fabric.

Anyone care to venture a guess of how many people from freecycle might want to collect my supply of ripped-knee pants?


Betsy said...

I have this issue as well... the ones that still fit I cut off, hem and make in to shorts.

Lisa B said...

If someone got rid of rusty railroad spikes in 30 minutes, I'm sure someone will want your holey pants.

Danelle & Family said...

I also have a pile of ripped pants (mostly jeans and some cordorouy)that I'm intending to use to make a jeans (or cordorouy) quilt. I've also heard of people making quilts from Dockers/Khakis. Bet you'll have several takers on freecycle.