November 9, 2008

new scrub brush needed

When I have to wash pots and pans I need to use something that will really scrub them clean. For regular dish washing I like using my natural, compostable sponges. They aren't very effective with stuck-on messes, though.

About a year ago I bought a scrub brush. It has been wonderful at doing the job, but I have always wondered about the big plastic handle and synthetic bristles. It doesn't say recyclable on it anywhere. Boo! Granted, it has been used for a very long time. I'd rather find a solution that is more environmentally friendly. Does one exist? Maybe I'll try one of those natural scrub sponges from Twist.

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Kimberly said...

Have you seen the long, wooden scrubbers? I think they're made out of bamboo but I'm not positive on that. That is on my list of new kitchen items to get. Besides, they just look alot better than anything plastic.