November 20, 2008

hero bags

It is truly possible that I am obsessed with packing lunches. I just spotted these amazing Hero lunch bags and had to share.

Not only are they stylish, they are smart and clever. The bags are made from certified organic cotton grown in Texas and are produced in the USA in a fair labor factory.

They are designed by the founder of Hero Bags, who is a mom as well. She couldn't find a product that had all the features she wanted, so she designed one herself. The bags have nifty features like a zipper top (so lunch doesn't fall out), a flat bottom (so it can stand where it lands), a sewn cotton handle and a cool name tag.

Parents will appreciate that this bag is lead free, vinyl free, no toxic insulating or plastic. Plus it is sized to fit your reusable water bottle inside. They are machine washable, too, which is always a good feature when it comes to kids and food.

The best part is that Hero Bags is having a holiday sale right now. In addition to these lunch totes, Hero makes reusable bags in other sizes as well (groceries, anyone?) Seems like a great idea for holiday gifts to me.

Did I mention that Hero Bags are a local San Francisco company? Gotta love that.

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