November 30, 2008

green christmas

Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is ramping up quickly. There are so many considerations about "greening Christmas". I think this year in particular it will be easier to be mindful of such choices because they will also help with limited holiday budgets. Many of us are approaching the holidays with more prudent spending. In many ways, greening Christmas goes hand-in-hand with less spending.

A fantastic resource for having an eco-friendly holiday season is a new book aptly called, Green Christmas, by Jennifer Basye Sander and Peter Sander with Anne Basye. The book covers all the bases: why to green Christmas, the holiday environment, decorating, entertaining, gift giving, etc. It is chock-full of info, much of which can also be applied year-round.

"Did you know that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Americans produce an extra 2 billion pounds of garbage per week?!" There are many simple things we can do to decrease the holiday excess without feeling like a Scrouge.

One of my favorite pages is the chart comparing real trees and artificial trees. The authors agree with me that real trees are better than the PVC trees which are made in and shipped from China. I also appreciated the green-gifting section since I need ideas this year for our family exchange and the kid's teachers.

While I thought I knew a fair amount already about buying less and recycling more, the book had many ideas which I never knew or had ever considered. Pick up a copy of Green Christmas and you'll have good ideas that can last year round.

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