November 13, 2008

green can be rough

I feel a cold coming on—my first of the season. It is forcing me to look at the issue of tissues when I really had hoped to avoid it altogether.

I try to use as little paper product as possible in the house. We buy recycled content toilet paper and occasional boxes of recycled content tissues (mostly for guests). The thing is, when you are fighting a cold both these options can be really rough on your poor little nose! It almost makes me dream of indulging in a box of Puffs. . . .

Maybe I should look more at a classic handkerchief solution. I even read about one of the Enviromoms who is washing and reusing Kirkland baby wipes for family tissues. Apparently they are made partially with fabric and are incredibly soft.

If all this sneezing keeps up, it may just well break me down into new eco-territory. Stay tuned!

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shanna said...

I'm a big fan of the handkerchief - in theory. And since my kids are still in diapers I know I can toss them in with that load (we use very hot water) if I want to be sure to kill the germs. But in practice I get lazy - there are boxes of tissues all over the place, and they're all Puffs. I use (cloth) wipes or handkerchiefs when we are out, though - because I never remember to put more tissues in the diaper bag, but the wipes are always there!